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Vanilla Fairlife Shakes

By far my favorite way to drink my protein! Thirty grams per beverage, great to use as coffee creamer, in pudding or other recipes and amazing to drink alone! Check our every flavor! 

Caramel Fairlife Shakes

My personal all time favorite fairlife flavor! i exclusively use this for coffee creamer and I’ve never enjoyed coffee more thoroughly. it’s beautiful to know that i can still enjoy my life while meeting all my protein needs. 


Weekly Pill Organizer 4-Times-A-Day Pill Box Case 

I live and die by this pill organizer! It is very easy to refill, clean if needed and separate to carry just one or two days at a time when needed. It’s compact, cute and simple to use! Not to mention, very affordable. 

4 oz Ramekins

Microwave, oven and dishwasher safe!? It’s like they’re speaking directly to my soul. These ramekins are perfect for post op portions! I use these every single day for my own meals and to divvy out snacks for the kids! They are also very durable, we’ve dropped them several times and not had any casualties!


Quest Tortilla Style protein chips

These chips are amazing. They’re crunchy, reminiscent of a Dorito! Packed with protein and flavor, the best combination any weight loss surgery patient could ask for! 

No Cow Protein Bars

These protein bars are a fantastic alternative to using animal proteins! No Cow vegan protein bars use plant protein to keep your body moving! The taste is fantastic, price is fair and best of all, portable! My favorite post weight loss surgery perk, eating on the run with ease! 


EZPZ mini mat

this plate made portioning out meals, especially during purée phase! I love that it smiles at me! I originally purchased this plate for my youngest daughter, but snagged it for myself a few weeks after surgery! 

Meal Prep Containers 50 count

These containers are fantastic for measuring foods, meal prepping and more a few months out from surgery. In the first few weeks they wouldn’t be something I recommend personally, but after a few months they’re perfect. I use theses for my own meal prep, my husbands meal prep and as extra bowls because my kids somehow keep losing our actual bowls? Anyway, dishwasher and microwave friendly which is my absolute favorite kind of storage container! 


Premier Protein 
clear protein drinks

These drinks are a life saver. Liquid dieting is hard, but premie protein coming through with a juice like drink packed with protein was a game changer! The drink is thicker than a regular juice or a water, but it’s not so thick that it’s difficult to drink. And the flavor is fantastic! I keep these on deck even seven months postop!


These are wonderful! The taste is fantastic, especially compared to some of the alternatives! They were very easy on my new tummy, tasted great and were just overall easy to remember to take. With some vitamins, I’d forget to take them because they tasted so awful and i didn’t want to eat them, but these were a very different experience!