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Fidget Spinner 5 Pack

The kids are obsessed with this brilliant fidget spinners! Even Isilee, at two years old, has a blast with these! The lights are bright, blink in three different patterns and spinning is a breeze. On the low end as far as price, but definitely not low quality! 

T Sensory Chewy Bricks with 3 Different Textures

Great price, great quality! Three heavy chewers and not a single issue with breakage or even splitting. The different textures are great because I can give each kid the texture they need! 


Sensory Swing

All time best purchase we’ve ever made! Literally an amazing tool for both the kids and myself. This swing was easy to install, is fun to use and makes me want to hang out in the play room day in and day out. I’d probably sleep in there if i thought the kids wouldn’t find me. They all love it, and so do i!


Kinetic sand

Fun for all ages! My kids are obsessed with this stuff and honestly, so am i. We are fans of messy play, so this fits us pretty perfectly! If you’re not a messy play family or you have a kid who has a sensory struggle with mess, this may not actually be the move for you! We personally find kinetic sand to be super soothing, loads of fun and truly not terrible to clean up, even if it looks like an overwhelming task to begin with. We buy it in super bulk! Fantastic for fine motor skill building and so relaxing!