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Zadok the Great: An Introduction

I've introduced you to the Mr., now it's time to introduce you to the offspring. I do actually call them that, when I address them as a group.... "the offspring." Makes me giggle.

Learning I was pregnant with Zadok, prior to marrying his wonderful father, was a game changer for me. I was surprised. A Dr. had informed me a few years earlier that I'd need some help getting pregnant, naturally would be next to impossible. Obviously I was not expecting any surprises, that is probably why it was so surprising! Ha! Anyway, I think it's important to note that unplanned and unwanted are not one in the same. Our bean was and is deeply loved, despite taking us by surprise!

Around 28 weeks, doctors starting discussing a c-section, something I was vehemently against, mostly due to being uneducated. What I didn't realize, and wasn't being told, was that baby boy was sitting straight up in my belly, rather than resting head down. Now, most babies do some flip-flopping, so I'm not sure why my Dr's were sure he wouldn't, but he is the most strong willed human being I know. It wasn't truly shocking to me to learn that my stubborn little man was still chillin' in a breech position at 35 weeks. The discussion about a c-section became very real at that point.

That's when my Dr. says proposed an external version, without much information or research I agreed! January 5th we went in to have the baby flipped over, easy peasy from what they told me. Not at all the case. If your Dr. says to you, "yeah, we can just flip him over real

quick won't take more than an hour or two tops and you know, it'll be over! You can deliver vaginally after that and nobody will ever even know your kid was too stubborn to get into the birthing position on his own." Don't do it! Or approach with a great amount of prayer, caution and education. Educate yourselves because it was awful. His heart rate dropped into the low 70's three times before Jeremy put his foot down and we scheduled our c-section for January 14, 2015! We got to the hospital at 7 am on the fourteenth and at 10:04 my sweet baby came into the world and made me a momma.

Since then? Man, it's been a journey! He's been promoted to big brother at basically every birthday and he's handled it with all the grace in the world. There isn't a day that goes by he isn't loving on his siblings in one way or another. The amount of knowledge this kid has crammed into his brain over the past five years has been unimaginable. Science, math, very random facts I'm not sure where he learned. He's been a great source of joy since the moment those two lines popped up on that test so many years ago. The smile he permanently has glued to his face is so stinking charming and fun! There's never a lack of excitement in his little life.

My very favorite thing about him is the love he has for learning. Learning about any and everything, but especially how much he loves to learn about the Lord. Every day I'm fielding questions about Jesus, and when he runs out of questions about Jesus, he finds questions about everything else in the world. Some things are silly, but others are big, big questions I have to Google! The biggest number in the world? He'll tell you all about it. What tonsils are for? He knows that, too. It's incredible to me.

The amount of energy he possesses is another anomaly! He moves, moves some more and then keeps moving! And the things he teaches himself about moving? I didn't teach him to ride a bike without training wheels, but one day he picked up a friends bike and took off... no instruction whatsoever, I was blown away. Climbing? There was a day when he escaped the yard (very newly 4 years old) and when the very understanding police officer found him, he was up a tree. I didn't even know he could climb! His abilities are beyond my comprehension.

Not a day goes by that I'm not in awe of this human being and all his capabilities. He's caring, passionate, funny, charming, educated... all the things! I couldn't have asked for a better or more needed and unexpected surprise in my life.

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