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What's in a name, really?

People ask a lot of questions when they find out I have four kids. Even more questions when they find out my oldest just turned five. Wouldn't you know the questions get even weirder once they realize we're educating them at home. It's a lot of fun, really. Sometimes I find myself having ridiculous conversations with strangers in the grocery store because "you can't possibly plan to school them at home, really?" Yeah, weird, I know. But we dig it.

The thing that seems to trip up even the most relaxed people we come across are our name choices. As the receptionist at our clinic so kindly observed, "Zadok, hmm... that's a weird one. And I see some weird ones." Yes, overly forward receptionist, weird was what we were going for. Not even sorry. I don't mind one bit when someone, kindly, asks where we found such unique names. If you ask about one, expect me to go through the entire list, first and middle names. Don't try to stop me, I'll just keep barreling toward the goal and you'll probably never ask another stranger about their kids again.

So, what is in a name? From the top!

Zadok William, my precious big man. Zadok comes from the Old Testament. Biblical Zadok was recorded to be a descendant from Eleazar, son of Aaron. He was High Priest during the reigns of David and Solomon. In Hebrew, the name means "righteous, justified." We chose the name Zadok because God used him to save us, in a very real way, from our own demise. I don't know where I'd be today if I'd continued in my drug addiction, alcoholism and partying, but God does. And he sent our son to give us a wake-up call. That wake-up call led us to church and led us to a true relationship with the King of Kings. I wouldn't be the human that I am without the relationship I have with God, and I credit that to my precious boy's existence. Thus, Zadok. William is my dad's middle name. This started the family middle name trend that I hold so dear to my heart. Every kid's name is special to us, which leads us to...

Lana Nicole, my sweet princess. Lana's name is especially meaningful to my husband. Both his mother and his grandmother passed away before we started having kids. Lana was his grandmother's name. She and Jeremy had a beautiful bond like I've never seen before. This man would leave the bar to answer a phone call from his Mama, without shame or hesitation. I can't count the number of times I was waiting on him to finish up chatting with his best girl. Unfortunately, she passed away shortly after we started dating. His mother's middle name was Nicole. She passed before we met, when Jeremy was still in high school. We wanted a piece of both these important women in our family and what better way than to pass both names on to the next generation. Our Lana feels a special bond with the women she's named after. Often we find her chatting about them, talking to their pictures and asking big questions about who they were and what they were like. Daddy picks her up and talks to her about them while they look over family photos from years past. It's a truly special bond for them to share over two very special women.

Uriah Munroe, my silly little source of endless entertainment. Uriah is also a biblical name, but I can't claim to have stumbled upon it during my devotions. I originally read the name in Divergent, long before meeting my husband and loved it. When we found out we were pregnant with our third bundle of joy, I immediately thought of the adorable name and Google'd it to death. Discovering it was also a biblical name and loving it even more. Who was biblical Uriah? I'm so glad you asked! Uriah was a soldier in David's Army, husband to Bathsheba. King David coveted Bathsheba for his own, killed Uriah (in the Bible) in order to cover up a dirty deed of his. See, the people in the Bible weren't perfect either, just shows how deep our need for God's gift of grace really is. In Hebrew Uriah means "God is my light." So, so fitting that he would be such a light and playful presence. Munroe was Jeremy's father's middle name, following the favored trend of middle names being family names. Sadly, our little man never met his Grandpa Smith, but we know we will see him again in heaven. That hope brings us joy!

Isilee Ruth Martin, she has two middle names and for a very good reason. In my gut the day we got our positive test, I knew she was a boy. I was wrong, obviously. But I fell in love with our boy name, Elias Martin. When the tech said "girl" I felt a rock drop into the pit of my abdomen. I loved this baby, of course. But the gender disappointment was reallllly real. And that's ok. I got over it! Martin is my brother's name and I wanted a piece of him in the next generation the same way I wanted a piece of everyone else. So, instead of having a fifth baby (haha, but really, I'm only half kidding) we compromised on two middle names for our little caboose.

Her first name is from my favorite childhood book. First it's important to know that my dad calls me Goose, why I don't know, but I love it. So when I came across a book entitled The Goose Girl by Shannon Hale, I knew I had to have it. Dad came through and gifted me a copy for Christmas the year I turned 18. He wrote in the cover about how I'm an adult now, but I'll always be his Goose. Naturally the book means more to me than nearly any other thing I own. The main character of this amazing book you should all go buy, had the last name Isilee. Royal characters in this book series were given their grandmother's first name as a surname. Really it's an incredible book, 10/10 recommend. Ruth is my mother's first name which is actually even more fitting given our peanut's first name being a book characters grandma's name. So, the book Grandma Isilee inspired our baby's first name and real life Grandma Ruth Ann inspired our baby's middle name. So we have both our dad's, both our mom's, a grandmother and a slice of sibling in all four names.

I truly love each of our babies names. We put a great deal of effort into choosing each name. As a "veteran mom" tip, I always recommend to friends that they practice yelling a name in anger before making it official. Seriously, you're going to angry yell at least once, a name that really rolls off the tongue is essential! ;)

That's the whole crew. All accounted for and well named. Maybe I'll just start directing stranger's in the grocery store to this blog post any time I'm cornered by this question. Ya know, once we're all allowed to leave the house again.

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