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Want to educate your kids FOR FREE? I got you!

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

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A few months before COVID locked us away from the world we had dinner with a friend who is an amazing home school mommy. I've never been so impressed by someone's home school set up. Prior to this dinner with my friend I was honestly considering sending the kids to public school. I was at my wits end trying to figure out what was going wrong with my technique. Keep in mind, I'd yet again just added a new life to the world. I was as overwhelmed as I'd ever been and not organized in the least. Public school seemed like a really good option (and it is) during my moments of pure exhaustion, but something was holding me back. Call it a gut feeling if you want, but I knew I was being convicted to home school our kids.

My friend took me on a tour of their school room and education systems, and I was inspired in a big way. She turned me on to free printables and I have not looked back. Not only have I been borderline obsessed with free printable education tools, I've even learned to make them myself. If I can't find what I need, I make it exactly how we need it. Finding the free resources was not anywhere near as difficult as I'd expected. So here I have a list of reliable resources for free printable materials for pre-k and kinder. I do not get paid by any of these folks, I'm just spreading the good news about some super cool free finds!

One of the most in depth resources I've found for free is at Teachers Pay Teachers. Their free content goes on forever it seems! In addition to the free stuff, they have even more content for cheap. Take the time to really dig through the pages of free content and you'll find gold. The thing I love most about their site is how easy it is to narrow down search results. Price, keyword and age group are all you need to really hone in on exactly the kind of content you need. You can search for nearly any topic, price range or age group with no trouble navigating search results. Very straight forward and simple. Each vendor has their own custom content they upload to their own "page." For example, I found the school bus clip cards on Kamp Kindergarten's site.

Fun Early Learning is another resource with both free and cheap options. Simply signing up for their email subscription lands you a freebie in your inbox every Friday! They'll also send some paid content in each email, but two free printable resources a week is an amazing deal for the small price of opening a weekly email. We've gotten some of our favorite resources from these emails. I especially love that their freebies come straight to me, no work on my part to find the resource specifically. I do still dig around their website, like a good super fan, but having it come straight to me makes my life much easier! Our cookie jar printable has been a favorite for all three big kids!

Make Take Teach gave us our favorite printable to date. The word family slider game Zadok loves to play has been well used thus far. Printing, laminating and cutting was a little bit tedious, but worth it by leaps and bounds so far! Their sites home page is completely dedicated to printable resources for little ones. The content they create has been some of my favorite and most accessible. It's right there on the home page, you can't miss it!

Lastly, Totschooling has been a favorite for Uriah. Their nifty pop-up subscription box does the majority of the work for you, enter your email and BAM, nearly endless printables. My favorite word abounds on their home page, too. "Free" just jumps from every corner of their page. Ahh, paradise. Who doesn't love free stuff, am I right?

If I can't find what I need from my favorite printable sites, I take to Canva or Crello. Both of these sites offer the ability to create my own content for free. In addition to making free printable resources for the kids education, I can also create brand related content for the blog or logos if necessary. While the majority of their content is free, they do have premium subscriptions. They do have to make money after all, not everything can come for free. My go to is Canva, they're very user friendly with so many options for elements, text and backgrounds. The majority of my personally created content has come from their site.

A lot of these resources run much, much deeper than I've explained. The fact that I've managed to educate the kids via FREE or extremely cheap resources entirely is amazing to me. My hang ups about home school were cost, time and effort. Free resources, or resources that are close to free, have cleared up the cost issue. The fact that all I really have to do is print, laminate and use easily cleared up the time and effort problem. It couldn't get better than free, at least not for me!

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