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Top 5 Favorite Educational Netflix shows for kids!

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We've talked a bit about my love of screens. Really my kids love of screen time, but my not hating it. In case you missed the YouTube post, I'll elaborate a bit. Before we had kids I was sure we wouldn't be screen time friendly parents. Many parents say this, some stick with it, but we were not those parents. It just was not in the cards for our family. After a few years of beating myself up over it, I resigned myself to the fact that I was not a screen free mom. Surprise, my kids are perfectly fine and very smart. No mom guilt necessary.

Our tablets are part of life now, so is our TV. We have the luxury of having the ability to download specific apps and choose certain shows on YouTube or Netflix. I realize not everyone has that luxury, we are definitely thankful for it. It gives me a peace of mind to know that while they are spending a fair bit of time on their devices, they are diving into educational stuff at the same time.

The list of Netflix shows we are borderline obsessed with using for education could go on for miles. For the moment I'll focus on our five favorites. In case you haven't been able to tell this from reading previous posts, five is my favorite number. So, there will be a lot of "5 -insert whatever-" throughout my posts.

Favorite number one is Numberblocks. Numberblocks starts from the very, very beginning and teaches your child to count, skip count, recognize shapes and patterns, count by fives and tens AND addition and subtraction. And that's just the stuff I was in the room to hear! To say that this show is thorough would be a gross understatement. Their songs are catchy, their animation is fun and vibrant, their concept is just incredible. You can't go wrong with a show like this one. Lana and Zadok both have been spouting off math facts like they have no other interests. It's been an incredible transformation in my little beans and it took so much pressure off mom! Even Uriah has gained an interest in math, shapes and patterns!

Numberblocks has a sibling show, Alphablocks! Alphablocks has really given our kids power over their letters. I struggled a great deal with letter recognition with Lana. She is an artist and completely unbothered by academics. I'm totally fine with her education emphasis being on art, but she does need to learn to read eventually. Her strong willed little spirit just would not bend to learn her letters. Until Alphablocks. She loves this show! The sounds, blends, sight words all have helped them so much. A real kicker for me is how catchy the songs are. Uriah sings along, even if he doesn't necessarily understand the words yet! If you don't have access to Netflix, these are both also on YouTube!

Our next favorite Netflix show for educating the minion army at home is Storybots. Storybots really dives into just about anything. Their little animated figures are so cool and the kids really love seeing some of the silliness on the way through the storyline. My favorite episode was about how antibodies in your body fight off sickness. Lana was obsessed with antibodies for a solid month following one viewing of this episode. They work hard to make accurate shows that kids will actually relate to, something I greatly appreciate. The show even has the characters work through some common kid misconceptions while they search for the truth. This is huge! During their episode on rain, they asked a reindeer about raindrops. As adults, we obviously know that rain and rein aren't the same, but a kid may not. I love the way they show their characters figuring it out the same way a kid might!

You can never, ever go wrong with Magic School Bus, ever. Not just the original, legendary as it is, but the reboot as well. The original is amazing but outdated, produced long before mini computers were stuffed in our back pockets for safe keeping. Magic School Bus Rides Again is updated in every way. There are episodes about technological advances, email and matter. My husband is truly obsessed, sometimes I really think he puts it on for himself! Our kids love Ms. Frizzle and get excited about playing make believe, diving into each other's eye balls to navigate the blood stream and so much more! As I speak he is scrolling through episodes as though I need help with "market research."

Leap Frog has quite a few shows on Netflix as well. Our favorites are Letter Factory, Phonics Farm and Number Land. They're well named and each show walks through each concept in a way that is easy for all three kids to understand. They ask for Phonics Farm the most! Zadok actually took a bit of time to warm up to their videos. He is usually interested in super high speed, flashy animation. This isn't that, but the actual content is very useful. It catches Isilee's attention even at 10 months old. If she starts singing her alphabet before she says mama, I'm going to be a special kind of upset. ;)

I am all about free resources and I get them wherever I can find them. Screen time works well for our family and part of that screen time has to be educational. I'm so grateful for Netflix and their great educational toddler shows. Knowing the kids are exercising their brains when they aren't exercising their legs helps me a lot. The mom guilt I used to feel about letting them watch so much TV was so, so real. Having so much educational content at our fingertips is so helpful! And having it for the small cost of a Netflix subscription, something we would have purchased anyway, makes it even sweeter!

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