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Updated: Jul 13, 2020

This is the life, isn't it? I wanted to take a moment to introduce the fam, let everyone know who we are and what we're all about!

In order, naturally... Zadok, our firstborn (holding the baby), is currently 5 years old. His favorite things are math, Ryan's World and riding his bike. He's a passionate little guy who appreciates reason and logic, even if the understanding of it sometimes escapes him. Give him an ice cold chocolate milk and his kindle, he'll be good for days. And I really do mean days.... Take that tablet, he dares you.

Lana, our little wonder woman, is 4 years old. She's full of giggles, loves babies and is a real life little princess. Constant cuddles are her absolute jam. Touch is her love language, she'll tell you so. Yes, by "you" I do mean every single person we pass in the grocery store, the maintenance guy who's here to fix the toilet and the gate guard coming on post. Stranger Danger? Who dat?

Uriah is the happiest little 2 year old dude with the best personality! What you see there is exactly what you get. Happiness, exuberance, energy to rival the Energizer bunny... until he's tired. He is two, tantrums abound. We won't talk about that, this is a happy post. He loves to talk, tell people all about his life, ride his bike, tell jokes, help mommy with any and everything and snuggle. Always good for a snuggle. His little giggle is absolutely infectious.

Isilee is 10 months old, the confused look on her face is because we don't usually let our 5 year old hold her like this... I needed it for the 'gram, judge not. She's a smiley little wiggle worm who just can't learn to crawl walk enough for her own liking. There's never a dull moment with this kid, she flew through the birth canal like her life depended on it and she's been high speed every moment since. I'll share the slip and slide story later, it's a real page turner.

This dreamy guy is the crazy train conductor, at least I let him think so. Daddy, probably more commonly known as Jeremy, is a Public Affairs Official with the U.S. Army. Sounds soooo fancy, yeah? Essentially he's a journalist and public relations guy, so yes, actually sort of fancy.

I'll share his work from time to time with proper credit, naturally. He's truly talented and kinda cute. An absolute keeper as far as I'm concerned at least. Y'all will probably see him most as a kick behind dad, cause he is, and fantastic spiritual leader... again, because he is.

So, that brings us to good ole mom.

real crazy train conductor, at least they let me think so. Really I run every aspect of behind the scenes errthing. From your typical stay at home mom duties, to the less common things like home school for four. Of course that really just makes me brave or crazy and I don't care to know which. Before I was home schooling, super hero mom of four, I was a photographer (I trained Daddy his first time in a camera room), writer, 911 call taker and avid reader. Clearly some things changed and all for the better. Call taking was less stressful than this mommin' madness and I wouldn't change any of it for anything.

We're so excited and blessed to have you along for the ride that is our life. My goal in sharing the ins and outs of our day-to-day life is to accurately depict what staying home with four kids in five years is really like all through the lens of the Gospel and humor. It'll get messy, but that's just life, isn't it?

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