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The Final Introduction: Isilee Ruth Martin

This little one has been the icing on the cake, cherry on top, hot fudge to our family Sundae. She's all the big kids personalities curled up into one little bundle of pure love. Her story is by far the most exciting, and the most graphic. So, if blood and guts aren't your thing, maybe this birth story isn't for you and that's totally ok! No hard feelings, but understand that I won't dull the wildness that is her birth.

Tuesday, Sept 10th, I had my regular NST. My non-stress tests had been occurring twice weekly for about 10 weeks, so it was as routine as ever. Melanie, the NST nurse, is probably the sweetest human known to man, so when I expressed some concern for my blood glucose levels she took up for me with the doctors in a big way! I've had Gestational Diabetes with all four kids. Zadok's pregnancy was diet controlled, both middle kids were insulin controlled, but Isi's pregnancy was by far the hardest to control. My insulin intake was getting ridiculously high with no change at all to my glucose readings.

After Melanie discussed my situation with the doctors we were put on the list for "same day" induction. You'd think that would mean it'd happen immediately, but that isn't always how hospitals work, so I was told to go get ready and wait for a phone call. I waited, and waited... I finally called labor and delivery myself around 6 pm, a solid 10 hours after my appointment, just to get an idea for childcare. I do have three other kids after all! The sweet lady on the other end of the phone said all their beds were full and so was their waiting room, so it could be a few days yet, even. Ugh! The waiting game. We got everyone cleaned up and set all the bags aside for when the time came... at midnight I got the call! Shocked me a bit, truthfully. But we whisked the kids off to the sitter and Mom, Jeremy and I headed for the hospital to get this show on the road!

The show did not want to get on the road. The show wanted to stay put. The cook bulb moved my cervix quickly from a 2 to a 4ish, in about 2 hours. Once it came out, everything stopped completely. Pitocin started soon after. And again, nothing exciting happened. At this point I'll add, I was adamantly against having an epidural. Adamantly... against... and my nurse took my desire very seriously, too seriously maybe. Erin was my nurse, she deserves some kind of award. She came in at 7 am, turned my Pitocin up and got some stuff going. Contractions were strong, but still very inconsistent with NO cervical change. None. To say I was upset would be a massive understatement. So Erin goes to work with the Pitocin like it was her personal mission to catch my whole life on fire. Boy, did she...

The doctor came in and broke my water at 10:30 am in hopes it would pick things up. It worked in a way I can only describe as hell on earth. So, water broken, pitocin on TEN... cause Erin wasn't joking around about this baby coming out. I was definitely feeling it then, all of it. Every last bit of it was felt. Around 11 I'd dilated to a 7, baby still wasn't really wanting to come down into the birth canal but I was dying sitting on the ball. Dying. 3 cm in an hour is a lot of work for a cervix, ya know. And that's not even the exciting part of the story.

Erin moved me onto the bed with a peanut ball while I cursed like a sailor and verbally assaulted her, along with everyone else in the room... she took it like a champ. After a while she wanted me to switch sides, so I did. I'm screaming for meds by now. Screaming, calling on Jesus, punching the bed frame, swearing at my husband cause he was clearly at fault here. *Again, not proud of the fact that I can't control my mouth during labor, but it's a part of the story, so there it is.* She talked me down to something in the IV just to help me relax enough for my body to do it's thing.

Fentanyl is a hell of a drug kids, stay off it. That's my official disclaimer to children. Momma's in labor? Take that stuff! I slept in between contractions, I was 100% awake for the actual contracting and the "in between" was about 2 mins at a time... well worth it though. Well, then this lovely human who I'm sure will never forget my name as long as she lives, wanted me to get on all 4's. 👀 You want me to what? All fours was even worse than the hell on earth I was already been experiencing. I thought the ball was bad, I thought the peanut ball was bad, labor was bad but all fours was an experience that changed my whole life in a way I never thought possible. She said baby needed to get off my back and she was right!

After 20 mins on all fours I'd had enough. Mom and Jeremy helped me get from there to a standing position to see if gravity might help and... Isilee fell out... NO MEDICAL STAFF TO BE SEEN. I kid you not I stood up and her head shot from "not ready" to HANGING OUT instantly. So, I laid back down... my mother and my husband both bolt for the door to grab someone qualified to catch the baby. Mom yelled at Jeremy to stay with me so... he assumed the position. Yes, the catchers position.

Baby's head hanging out, my husband in the catchers position, my mom screaming hysterically into the hallway and I'm just laying there waiting. When I tell you my husbands face went from oh crap to OHHHHHH CRAP, I mean I've never seen a look of terror so convincing. The whole of L&D heard my mom screaming for help and came barging in. They shoved Jeremy out of the way, quite literally because he had frozen on the spot. I felt her shoulders coming thru, heard them telling me to push... but all I really thought was, "this hurts more than I thought it would, I'm not doing this twice!" And with that thought, fueled by pain, I she-hulked a human into the world with one massive push.

Apparently pain motivates me. My poor mother looked like she needed a minute or 200 to recover from hearing me scream "I WANT TO DIE" for an hour straight. What an exciting day that was. I never thought I'd be capable of delivering a baby sans epidural. When I put that in my birth plan the real idea was, don't give it to me unless I ask really nicely and look like I may die... but apparently "don't give me meds" meant "don't give me meds." Who knew!?

Who is she now? Isilee Ruth Martin is a bundle of happiness. Even in her toughest moments, she has a smile to spare. Her giggle is absolutely infectious and she has every single member of this family wrapped completely around her littlest finger. They love to hold her, pass her around, feed her, Lana has even offered to help change her diaper on occasion. Our little babe has been through failure to thrive, RSV and then some with smiles and giggles for everyone even when it hurt. She truly is the cherry on top, everyone's favorite reason to lose sleep. I can't wait to get to know her personality more throughout the years.

There's a piece of my heart wanting to keep her little, she's just so, so small and enormously precious. The big kids all have an obsession with her and it's the most heartwarming thing I've ever seen. She doesn't want to stay small, at the ripe young age of 7 months old, she was pulling herself up to stand, had mastered the art of crawling and at the ripe old age of 9.75 months old took her first step. Watching her excel in her little life despite the difficult start to it has made my appreciation for God's goodness grow even deeper each day.

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