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So, how'd y'all meet anyway?

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

Let's rewind to the beginning...

Gosh, those kids. Jeremy and I met as photographers at a portrait studio, I actually love to tell people about training him in the camera room, ya know... his job is literally photography. You're welcome honey.

I pretty much didn't give him a chance to get away, he was mine, end of story. We were glued to one another and just kind of ran with it. We ran a little too fast and a little too hard and pretty much crashed into a wall right around the time we moved in with one another. Livin' the dream... We drank too much, didn't think enough and basically were just having a good time. One night, we just "forgot" to be cautious andddddddddd... you guessed it, a couple weeks later there were two pink lines and life changed completely! For the better, obviously!


His first response to our situation was to say, "So, should we get married?" Ok, so... yes, but not because we're having a baby... because I love you and you love me and all that other gushy stuff, ya know? Anyway, he pulled it around. Ask him about the time I completely screwed up his proposal, he'd be happy to tell you all about it.

In hindsight it was adorable that he cared that much. Anyway, we went through the motions for a while and then realized that something was missing. We'd both grown up close to the church and religion and knew what was right and what wasn't. Together we decided that it was time to start going back to church, ya know... to get our lives in order.


Hampton Roads Fellowship really opened their arms to us, despite us being obviously pregnant and definitely not married. They loved us the way Christ does. Faults and all, unconditionally. The pastors and members encouraged us to go ahead and get married, because we love each other not just because we were pregnant. Pregnancy just sort of sped up the process. He wasn't getting away from me, so ya know.. may as well go ahead and tie the knot.

July 18, 2014 we stood before a Justice of the Peace in a storage unit (see the awful evidence to the right) and I became Mrs. Lewis! I get to be Mrs. Jeremy Lewis until I die and even after that it's still on my headstone! It'll never go away! Le Sigh, I just love it!!! He's the best thing that's ever happened to me, aside from Jesus, and he just gets better with age.

Since getting married a lot's changed. That baby bump up there, is a 5 year old boy with opinions, thoughts... language skills. He has THREE little siblings. My word, it's crazy to think! We've been through countless job changes, even more address changes, four kids, 6.5 years... In that 6.5 years, we've been through a lot of churches, too. Each time we move the hunt is on for another HRF like church. We are eternally grateful to them for setting us on the right path, and if you're ever in Hampton Roads, VA we recommend them highly.

So, where are we now? Well, my husband took his sweet time finding the career he always wanted. Once he found it, it was a go big or go home kind of moment... and he went big alright. After our third baby, right around his thirtieth birthday, we made the decision for Jeremy to join the Army. I won't go into all the details of how mad I was to be left home with three babies under three years old, but... now I can honestly say, it's been the best decision of our lives.

Mmmm, somethin' about that uniform...

I had the great fortune of bringing my best friend along to basic training graduation. She was more than willing to help me tote kids around AND capture some amazing moments that'll last forever.

The Army changed our marriage quite a bit. We've both grown less dependent on each other and more dependent on the Lord. Individually we're working toward goals in our relationships with Christ. Not surprisingly, it's led us to become closer and closer to each other, too. I mean, who could really resist a good lookin' man in uniform though, amiright!? Truthfully, the majority of my love for him comes from Christ. I'd have it no other way and he'd tell you the same about his love for me.

We have a lot of growing to do, and we'll do it together for a lot of years, Lord willing. I'm grateful for him beyond anything I would've imagined five and a half years ago. Four kids ago. Something like six addresses ago? Insane the way the Lord works... I'm so thankful for it.

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