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School Supply Steals!

Here's the video!

When I talk to friends about school supply shopping, they seem stressed. There are lists of required items, clothes to buy, classroom supplies to help teachers and more, right? Home school is quite a bit different, so different that I actually love to shop for school supplies! Sometimes I even sneak through the office supply aisle when my husband isn't looking and come away from my "grocery" trip with seventy new pens and enough paper to make thousands of crafts without running low. He picks on me for my school supply obsession, but he does not pick on me for the deals I find! Saving money is both our love language, really.

Yesterday's total spent was $60. I bought more than just school supplies, we also got a birthday gift for a neighbor and replaced a few broken items (water bottle and lanyard). We even got Lana a few toys because she's been playing with trucks and asking for Barbie's for quite some time. Subtracting what was spent on non-school items, I spent about $40. You guys already know I shopped for some of these items at Dollar Tree, but my other back to school favorite is Walmart!

This first steal is probably my favorite! I've been hunting for ways to improve on our fine motor skills. They aren't behind, but their gross motor skills are far stronger and I'd like to even it up just a bit. These tweezers came from Dollar Tree and are large and easy enough for Uriah to use without any issues! I'll put together another post of fine motor building tweezer games, but for now, RUN to your local Dollar Tree and grab a pair or 10. While I was there I also grabbed some multi-purpose clips to use for some more intense fine motor training. They're a little harder to clip, think a chip clip, and smaller than these. We also use exclusively Dollar Tree water bottles for our kids because they are soooo destructive and replacing a $10 bottle is a lot less desirable than one from DT! Their current summer stock has amazing water bottles with handles, the pop tops I love and plenty of space for a full day worth of water at a time! No refilling their bottles over and over, all day long!

I purchased ten, yes TEN, of these 97 cent pencil boxes from Walmart. That may seem excessive, but they work so well for housing math manipulatives. We keep all kinds of little math toys in these and they work beautifully. If you're looking for cheap math manipulatives, check out Target dollar spot, I've heard they have mini erasers in fun shapes that make awesome math tools! Extra bonus is that they'd fit in these pencil boxes beautifully! I also stuffed our scissors and glue sticks into one. They stack well and I can see what's inside. Basically, for 97 cents these are the most versatile container I could find!

Our full school supply list wouldn't cost a mere $40, but to be able to grab 10 pencil boxes, 10 packs of crayons, 6 kid scissors, a three hole punch, 6 watercolor paints, four 12 packs of glue sticks, two packs of construction paper, the tweezers, clips and a few coloring books, I'd say we made out pretty well! With the supplies I did cram into that $40, we'll be covered with craft supplies, fine motor game supplies and manipulatives organization for just about the entire school year.

Taking the stress out of our life is hard, really hard, but it's something I strive to achieve. For now, it looks a lot like lowering my standards and rolling with the waves of life as they come. Even if I can't eliminate ALL the stress, I can eliminate the school shopping stress. I do this by shopping at low cost stores and grabbing bulk items when they're on sale. I lucked out this week on Walmart's back to school sales and I hope you do too! If for some reason you can't find what you need between Target dollar spot, Dollar Tree and Walmart, check your local area for a salvage store. Our local shops are Dirt Cheap, Bargain Hunt and Gimme 5. While they aren't the cleanest, they do often have great deals on back to school items. If you can find what you need, you'll save a lot of money shopping this way.

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