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Princess Lana: An Introduction

Miss Lana Nicole.

Goodness she rocked our world. She was (is) the most impatient little thing...

At 33 weeks I went into labor, full blown ready to go! L&D stopped labor for a straight week before we decided she must be pushing her way into the world for a reason and let nature take its course.

I remember scheduling our repeat c-section simply so my mom would be able to schedule her trip and be there for our "last" babies appearance. Joke's on me, right? For so many reasons! I'll never refer to anyone as our "last" baby again, that's for sure.

The night we decided to stop stopping labor, the doctors confirmed a cesarean was what we wanted and began the process of prepping the OR for us. My sweet nurse, I wish I remembered her name, asked if I was sure a repeat C-section was what I wanted. No other choice had really crossed my mind, it truly never occurred to me that I'd be able to have a vaginal birth. They checked and our little girl was head down and ready to make her entrance, so we agreed to go ahead and give it a shot! Best decision ever, for the record!

Jeremy had left the room to call my parents, still tucked safely at home in Michigan (we lived in VA at the time), chugging a red bull on his way since it was well after midnight. When he left the room the plan was to have a repeat c-section, which would have happened within a few hours. He reentered the room incredibly confused that I'd decided to attempt a VBAC, something that could (and did) take many hours. We had never taken a birthing class, never done lamaze, never even read up about labor because I genuinely thought I wouldn't need it. Boy were we wrong. My mother coached me over the phone from more than 800 miles away. How to push, when to push, what to do. Needless to say, I was ill prepared!

It was just Jeremy and I in the room with the whole team of doctors, nurses and the NICU

team. Our little bean came into the world with next to no effort on my part, her impatience was evident the whole way. We got a few snuggles in before they whisked her away to the NICU and family poured in from all directions.

I don't mean a few family members showed up to see us and filtered out a few at a time... I mean my entire extended family, both mom and dad's side showed up together, stayed as long as it took to all see to baby and then shot the breeze a while. We loved seeing each and every one of them, it was truly heartwarming to see how much love there is in the world for us as a family. My Aunt Deb even cancelled her own birthday dinner (they're almost birthday buddies) to drive more than an hour and see our princess in all her little glory.

That's how she got here. Now... who she is.

My sweet little angel is a whirlwind of excitement and adventure. She's calm in her happy moments, not causing much fuss. But boy if you get her angry! She will shriek, scream, squeal, whatever it takes to let you know you messed something up. She's firey and a fighter at her core. We love to watch her learn, love to watch her nurture her babies, love to see her sweet little spirit. One day she will use her strong will to run the world, she is clearly already using it to run our house. And there is so much love in this world for her! Speaking of love...

Her love language is touch, lovin's, snuggles and she knows it! There isn't a person in her life she hasn't informed of her love language, Sunday school teachers, friends, random strangers at the grocery store... yes, really. We've done our best to allow her to speak on her own feelings. Mayyyyybe we've done a little too well with the whole "express yoself" thing, but I love it!

There's a patience about our big girl that is astounding. I've watched her teach Uriah how to change a dolly's diaper, gently coax Isilee into taking a pacifier when my hands are full with chores, and maybe most impressive, she can calm Zadok with just her words of affirmation. Her sweet momma side is just precious. As much as she loves dolls, princesses and all things fun, her makeup is her passion. It's a joy to watch her face light up when she "gets" a new makeup technique.

We sure do love our impatient ball of energetic love. She's a special breed of human and we pray she will use that specialness to touch people with the love of Jesus, in whatever she chooses in life. Her little spirit lights up a room without a doubt! Even in her worst moments, a few minutes to cuddle and she'll brighten right up. We couldn't have built a better little human had we tried. She's every gift we've ever needed and then some. ❤

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