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First Week of School!

We started school Monday! So far, so... stressful. And I'm totally not surprised at all. The kids are pretty resistant to change, unfortunately they get it from me. The routine switching up has been especially hard on my big two. With all the difficulty we've had this week, I wanted to highlight some of the happy things with a spin of sarcasm, because that's what I'm best at.

Zadok's first day of school was a rough one, but we learned a lot together! We cut the day short due to the overwhelming amount of crying, most of it coming from me. Our math lesson was just not smooth. Good news is, day two wasn't as bad! We're never going to get a perfect day, so 'wasn't as bad' is a pretty good standard to hold ourselves to. Day two we learned letters and some more math, really a lot of review. Fewer tears were shed on day two. Notice I didn't say no tears... Biggest evidence of God's grace with Zadok this week, we both survived, we're both breathing and we still love each other. Even if he might not like me right now, haha. I guess I get a good sneak peak into his teen years.

The rest of his week was incredibly smooth. Once we really got into a routine and stayed the course, he did an amazing job. Change hasn't been easy for him so to adapt this well within the first few days is amazing.

Lana loves learning! Math isn't her jam any more than it is mine, so that was an interesting lesson to teach. She took to her letter lessons like a natural though! I knew she'd be a good little student. I definitely did not expect for her to be so wiggly and loud. She's naturally a screamer. For whatever reason she feels the need to scream like she's being brutally murdered every few minutes. We've grown accustomed to it as a family, it usually doesn't even phase us anymore, but during school lessons I was somehow shocked by it. It's a loud scream in general, even louder when it's happening in my ear while I'm teaching letter sounds.

She taught me a great deal of patience this week. Repeating the phrase, "please don't scream." more than 100 times a day is as exhausting as it sounds. But she'll be reading in no time, so there's that. Biggest evidence of God's grace is that she really blossomed into a reader suddenly with very little fighting! She's going to do big things, I'm sure of it.

Uriah has been something else! He's very good at his ABC's and insists on repeating them approximately 7,000 times per day. But he's really, reallllly good at them. Counting is something he also loves to do as often as possible. Any time we walk into the school room he starts in with his ABC's and counting. It's honestly adorable, just not so conducive to teaching the other kids anything. Little man has to be thoroughly distracted in order for the big kids to learn their lessons. Oh, but he did have a blast learning letter sounds with Lana. He did them upside down on the futon, cause why not? Life's better when it happens upside down, at least that's the way it is according to my two year old.

There's a constant state of nudity, too. It's really rather hilarious. Home school with a toddler is like... having a resident drunk. They say what they want, when they want and if that fails to get the desired attention, off come the clothes. Biggest evidence of grace with my little man was seeing how willing he is to jump in and participate. He's really hands on with his own little education and it brings me such joy!

Zadok actually had to help me reign in the tiny naked man earlier this week. I was trying to manage a screaming baby, make dinner and maintain my sanity when Uriah came into the kitchen naked, as usual. It really bothers Zadok when his siblings run naked for some reason, so he'll usually announce his displeasure and flee the scene. This time, in my frustration, I yelled something about how I only have two hands and the naked kid would have to wait. Instead of being a turd about it, Zadok went and found Uriah some clothes and got him dressed for me. Sort of a random proud mommy moment, but it was sweet.

Isilee has proven to be almost as challenging as Uriah this week. Obviously she can't participate in a lot of the learning. We do include her when we can, like building blocks and "counting" toys as we put them away, but for the most part she's left to roam while we do our school work. She's also cutting four teeth this week. The poor little child is needier than ever with all those teeth poking through! If that weren't bad enough, she's learned to unsnap her cloth diapers. I don't even understand how she has that kind of hand strength, but I'm accepting all tips and tricks on how to keep cloth diapers on when you have a baby super hero. All in all our littlest member has been a bit of an emotional mess, but with four teeth breaking gums simultaneously, I don't really blame her. Biggest evidence of God's grace with her is how well she's sleeping at night. Praise the Lord she's only up once or twice a night which is better than all three big kids! So we're making big moves of course.

This past month has been a really rough one for mommy, so our blog has looked a lot less like a mommy schooling blog and a lot more like an airing out my feelings blog. I promised myself transparency and vulnerability, so here I am... doing that. It's not easy to bare my heart to the small part of the world that's watching, but I've prayed about this blog for many years and reaching the mom's who are struggling the same way and as much as I am is important to me. I pray our struggles encourage other momma's through their struggles!

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