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Creative ways to teach stubborn kids!

This will be a short one, just getting some of the ideas out of my brain as I set them up for school today!

Zadok has really been struggling with the reading curriculum we were given. It's a simple set up, lots of fun pieces to it, but he's just not into it. Instead of getting overly frustrated sitting at the school table, I try to come up with ways to teach the same thing from a far more hands on perspective. After three weeks, I think I may have finally nailed it.

Today's activities were super fun to set up. I'm enjoying finding the fun in learning to read and I hope my kids enjoy it too! I guess we'll see when I film them playing these games later on today. First I wanted to try something to keep his hands busy at the table. We've all seen the super fun salt trays on Pinterest, the ones used to trace letters, numbers or shapes in the salt. Well, mine's less exciting because I was working with what I had on hand.

I literally just poured a bunch of salt onto a paper plate. Yes, it's lazy... but it was easy and it serves the exact same purpose! He'll just use his finger or pencil to write the letter we're reviewing on the plate. It's a sensory play/learning tool I'm really thankful someone more creative than I am thought up!

Next idea is one I can actually take credit for. If it is on the internet somewhere, I haven't seen it yet. Flashcards are his mortal enemy, so I do what I can to eliminate them from our school day. Up to this point I really, really struggled with how to do this. Flashcards are obviously essential, it's how I learn best. But it isn't how my student learns best so we're adapting.

I cleared our porch off for this game because it's raining today, otherwise I'd have used the driveway. I drew the letters we've learned so far on the ground in chalk randomly. When we got to the flashcard portion of our book we took the fun outside. I still held the card up. Secretly I'm hoping he'll fall in love with them eventually. I read the word to him, he jumps from letter to letter spelling the world while saying the letter sounds.

This game was easy to set up, will be easy to clean and should get some wiggles out if it works according to plan! Thankfully the little kids love chalk, so they'll probably draw a bit while he jumps around. Ultimately the plan is to take turns learning to spell with this game.

Update: It went horribly... Check out the video here.

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