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A little life update, it's all I have energy for today...

Y'all may have noticed that I have sucked at this blog thing the past few weeks. Life kind of got a hold of me and tossed me around like a dog does one of those rope chewy things. It has not been pretty, I'll tell you that much.

Jeremy was given approximately 24 hour notice he had to leave for a work trip. Now, we know this is part of the gig... that's not the issue at all, it's part of the job. I did not anticipate my children reacting the way they did and as you all know, they outnumber me by a lot. The tantrums, melt downs, full blown panic attacks and regression all whooped my behind. So, I took a few weeks off.

Now that we're back with Daddy, thank the Lord, it's time to jump back into the blog world full force and honestly, I'm so tired... I don't have much energy for some huge, crazy post about how great we are at "xyz" so I'm going with a vulnerable family update instead. How fun, right?

For safety reasons, we as a family have chosen not to post about Jeremy leaving until he comes back home. I'm not exactly a nervous person, but being alone with four kids sort of knocks me off my game. As I mentioned, there wasn't much notice this time around and my little Zadok thrives on normalcy and schedule. When Daddy leaves, he needs a good heads up, a chart, calendar and incentives planned out so he doesn't get all wild and cranky. We definitely didn't have any of those things this time around, lesson learned, we'll be keeping them all on hand from now on.

When Zadok doesn't have his routine anymore, he gets a little out of hand. I battled quite a bit with the back talk, disrespect and even outbursts of physical aggression. Thankfully a lot of my friends have kids with similar tendencies, so we toughed through it together. One particular tantrum led to a house full of pancake mix. Literally pancake mix on every surface of our home... furniture, counters, in the closets... it was ridiculous. It was a "phone a friend" kind of moment and my sweet friend saved the day with her vacuum in hand. She's been there, she gets it.

They all had pretty big struggles while Daddy was gone. I don't blame them one bit. He's so hands on and helpful, it's hard not to miss a Daddy who handles bedtime twice a week! After a few days we were all a bit tired. But now that we're on the other side of it, it's nice to know that we can adapt when we need to. Once we got our calendar in place and an incentive going, Zadok cleared his behavior up pretty nicely. By the time Daddy got home I could almost do bedtime alone. Almost... I'll never admit whether or not I can do bedtime alone.

All in all, the last few weeks were hard. Not really so much because Jeremy was gone, but because my kids were losing their minds about Daddy not being around to toss them in their air and run their wiggles out. Turns out we have a pretty amazing support system who all jumped in to help, bring meals, spoil me with friendship and coffee. I needed a reminder to lean into my community and I'm thankful for it. That definitely doesn't mean I want to do it again.

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