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O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop

This is the easiest mopping system i have ever used. The mop heads are easily removed and machine washable, a huge bonus for a busy mom! My floors have never been cleaner than with this system and it is a favorite of many of my friends and family members as well! It is well worth a purchase, for yourself or as a gift for someone else’s new home! 

Drawer Store Compact Cutlery Organizer

The inside of my drawers have always been a struggle to keep organized. Blame it on the ADHD or on the lack of ability to actually deciliter my home, whatever works. But this drawer organizer for my silverware has made keeping my silverware drawer organized an absolute breeze. Due to its design, the silverware not only stays organized, but also takes up significantly less space than before!


Drawer Store Knife Organizer

Keeping a knife block on the counter in our home has never been an option. Zadok climbed long before he could walk, and considering how close together our children were all born, I’ve been a bit too tired to fight the climbing. Biggest problem solver, for space and for safety, was this knife organizer for our drawers. I love knowing the “out of sight, out of mind” thing is keeping my kids a bit safer than a whole block on my counter. And they’re staying well organized with the blades well protected from the little fingers!

Under Cabinet LED Lighting

Easy to install, very renter friendly! Our kitchen definitely needed an upgrade of sorts, but as renters, we needed to be mindful of how we chose to update! These have a peel and stick packing, fit perfectly under my upper cabinets giving a much better lighting situation to my kitchen! They do not run hot, they’re easy to remove and can be easily unplugged when needed. 


Shark Vacmop

I love everything about this thing! Quick, easy cleanup from the usual messes without hauling out the vacuum and full mop set. Basically a small vacuum and a swiffer style system that work together to actually clean up the mess rather than push it all over the floor. Replacement pads and solution refill are reasonably priced. The unit is cordless and charging is easy! 

Instant Pot

Talk about a housewife’s dream! This machine gets way more of a workout than any of my other kitchen appliances. Even my stove, oven… microwave some days! This beast is quick and efficient,